About the Malini

In 1970, Swamiji gave consent to his devotees to publish a journal named “Malini” on Kashmir Shaivism.

Swamiji wrote
I am happy that my devotees have succeeded in bringing out the first issue of the Malini despite difficulties. This opens an opportunity of enlarging the scope of Shaiva studies.
Swami Lakshman Joo
June, 1970
Publication of malini was discontinued after the first issue as the devotees felt that Swamiji was giving lectures in person to them on Sundays and there was no need for the same. Later in 1995, the Ishwar Ashram Trust(established by swamiji's will to propagate Kashmir shaivism after his samadhi) restarted the spiritual journal on Kashmir Shaivism with the same title on a quaterly basis. This is being composed and edited by a board of learned scholars
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