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Welcome to the website dedicated to Kashmir Shaivism and its greatest exponent 
Swami Lakshmanjoo (1907-1991) was the last Shaiva Master in an unbroken chain of Masters of Kashmir Shaiva Tradition. This website presents in brief teachings of Swamiji and give details about activities of Ishwar Ashram Trust.

Ishwar Ashram Trust came into existence in India in 1991 after Swamiji attained mahasamadhi (by virtue of Swamijee's will)

In the United States of America for the purpose of carrying his spritiual message outside India Swamiji laid the foundation for establishment of Universal Shaiva fellowship. (http://www.universalshaivafellowship.org)

  • To preach and propagate Kashmir shaiva philosophy without distinction of religion, caste, creed or color.
  • To print, publish teachings of Kashmir Shaiva philosophy
  • To organize lectures, yajnas, poojas and satsangs.
  • To construct and run charitable centers for the poor and needy.
  • To give donations/ run orphanages, widow homes for women, old persons and needy.
    Kashmir Shaivism Tutorial (for beginners)
  1. Tutorial -1
  2. Tutorial - 2
  3. Tutorial - 3
  4. Tutorial - 4
    Kashmir Shaivism Tutorial (for advanced)
  1. Tutorial -1
  1. This quiz tutorial is based on the following texts written by Shaivacharya Swami Lakshmanjoo Maharaj (Kashmir Shaivism- The Secret Supreme, TrikashastraRahasya)
  2. Attempt all questions
  3. Kindly check (select) the option appearing as the correct answer to you
  4. At the end of the quiz tutorial, you shall get a score
  5. You can also see all the correct answers at this stage
  6. Please encourage all members(including children) to take these quiz tutorials

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